WEN Rules and Requirements

WOMEN EXECUTIVES’ NETWORK began in 1990 with five local women seeking greater networking avenues and promotion of the power and influence of women in Calhoun County.

WEN meets one time per month on the second Wednesday. Mark your calendars now for 2010.

Annual dues are $10.00 and are used to defray administrative expenses. Dues must be paid by the end of March in order to continue active membership.

The cost of lunch is $11.00 or as otherwise announced. Standing reservations are available. Anyone with a reservation who misses the meeting will be billed. Members are responsible for assuring guest lunches are paid. Guests are always welcome, whether they are potential WEN members or not.

To remain on the active membership rolls a minimum of two meetings per year must be attended. Individuals who are unable to meet this stipulation will be put on inactive status. Inactive members will not received newsletters but may re-activate if and when they feel they can resume the level of attendance required.

WEN membership is selective. Members must meet the following criteria:

1. Be the female holding the highest position in their company, firm, facility, non-profit institution, etc. and

2. Supervise at least one person. OR

3. Be in a professional category such as physician, CPA, dentist, attorney. OR

4. Owners (not managers) of retail companies should be in business for at least one year with two paid employees, conducting business with normal operating hours and with independent business address.

Membership eligibility is based upon the individual under consideration and will not rely upon achievements, position or financial status of any family member.

Because of the size of JSU, the depot, fort and hospitals, multiple women from appropriate positions may be WEN members.

Sometimes being selective can lead to hurt feelings. We want to avoid this at all costs! Therefore, if you have someone you would like to have considered for membership, bring her as a guest to see how she likes the concept. DO NOT MENTION MEMBERSHIP. If you feel she would enjoy WEN and that she meets the membership criteria, call Paula Watkins. Paula polls the core committee (Paula, Crystal Hancock, Lindie Brown, Bonnie Schroeder and Margaret Hatley). She then calls you back and, in most cases, will ask you to extend an invitation to your guest to join WEN. This process allows the guest to choose and does not create a situation where the guest is aware of "rejection" or "acceptance".

You inform the new member of the $10.00 dues, the meeting schedule and luncheon price. You then need to contact Vickie Tolbert with the new member’s name, address, and date of birth (month and day). Help the new member through that first luncheon reservation routine.

WEN is designed for networking. There are no "real" dues, fundraisers, officers (only volunteers and founders), or rules except those we’ve written to meet changing circumstances. In order to remain dynamic, members are expected to volunteer occasionally (i.e., arrange for a monthly program) and to maintain attendance minimum.

WEN donates excess funds to local non-profits whenever we feel the pool is too large. The members select the recipients.

WEN also supports programs promoting the visibility of women in leadership.

December 15, 1995

Revised 12/26/96; 3/31/98

Issued January 2010