Lost Password Instructions

The process for resetting the password is a bit confusing. Here’s how to proceed and what to expect:

  1. If you are not seeing the login window, scroll to the bottom of any WEN page to the WordPress Admin link. Click there.
  2. The login window comes up. Choose “Lost Your Password”
  3. On the next window click “Get New Password”
  4. Go to your email and you’ll soon receive a link a “Password Reset” email with a long link at the bottom. Click that link.
  5. Go back to your email to await your new password. That email will also have your username in case you’ve forgotten it. Copy the password, click the link below it to go to the login page, and put your username and password into the page.
  6. Once you have logged in you can change the password if you want.

The reason for all this is that the software for the site can be hacked and misused if precautions aren’t taken.

Please contact me if you have any problems with this or any other aspect of the site.